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Chain Letter Revealed

Tree Trimming

Looking for a quick fix for the holidays? Don’t miss our awesome July Bonus project, Tree Trimming, available in 3 color options, pine, aqua and bright green. The kit comes with everything pre‐cut, making this project fast, and fun. Once your done, trim your tree with crystals, charms, small ornaments, or even jewelry. Make it into an advent calendar by adding your trimming one day at a time. The wall hanging measures approximately 12” x 14”. Find a participating Pixie Party Shop near you!

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August 4, 2014


January - Cotton Rainbow
February - Glory
March - Braidwork
April - Intertwined
May - Meditation
June - Parallel Universe

Pixie Party is the ultimate monthly program that features 2 1/2" strips from RJR. There is no other program like this! All the fabric elements from strips to borders and binding are pre-cut. Geared toward confident beginners, the projects are offered in a variety of sizes and feature RJR's newest designer collections.